Northern Lights: East of Clive, AB - April 11, 2015

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Headed out with my good friend Kurt David to help him shoot his first Northern Lights. It was an amazing light show. One of the brightest I have seen in awhile. After driving looking for a location, we finally found this location by a small pond. It is always a challenge trying to find new foreground elements for the Northern Lights.

The lights started out faint but quickly ramped up as the night progressed. It went all the way across the sky. It looked like a big fat green rainbow. We were able to shoot the green glow over the pond and since the lights wrapped the sky, we were also able to shoot behind us for a different background. 

Mesmerized by the beautiful Auroras, we ended up staying out pretty late. It's amazing how fast time flew. I was very happy to be able to have Kurt witness the lights at this intensity for his first time. Needless to say he was hooked, lol. 

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