2015 Cochrane Rally Event - March 15, 2015

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On March 15, 2015, I was invited to my first ever car rally event by my friend Kristofer Schofield. I have always been a fan of rally racing as I watched WRC on TV and even played rally video games. There is just something about cars driving fast through narrow roads, close to edges without barriers, and catching wicked air on ramps with mud and dirt flying everywhere. But I had never experienced it in real life until now. 

I think I may have found my new favourite thing to shoot. You only get to see a certain section of the track at a time. But I found it just as exciting as the gaps between cars wasn't too long at all. On the second leg my adrenaline kicked in as a rally car crashed close to where I was standing. It was definitely a rush. Realized quickly that I need to be careful where I stand. Kristofer reminded me of that on one of the later legs as I would have been standing right where a car ended up rolling through. He definitely knows his stuff and I am thankful for that. 

I am definitely hooked and look forward to the next event that I am able to attend. Here are my shots from the 2015 Cochrane Rally Event. Enjoy!

***Disclaimer - Photos are not to be used without permission. Please do NOT crop out watermarks. Low Res, High Res digital copies and prints are available for purchase upon request. Thank you. 


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