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It was supposed to be an evening of catching up work for me. But with my good friend, Kurt, eager to shoot some Northern Lights, I was convinced to head out and take some photos of the green glow. They were out in full force that evening and was quite happy we made the trek out. We headed towards Sylvan Lake in order to get some reflection shots off the lake and these are the shots I captured. 

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Lightning: East of Red Deer, AB - June 10, 2015 Was keeping an eye on the Rocky Mountain House storm that finally reached Red Deer. Seen quite a bit of lightning with the storm so decided to head out. Drove East to try and get ahead of the storm and captured this multiple exposure shot. It was nice to see rain with how dry it has been lately. I can't wait for the big storms. :) Make sure to follow my team and I on Facebook through this link - and you can also follow us on Twitter - as we chase severe weather this summer.

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Portrait Session - Marcello Delcaro aka Peak Essau - Music Producer/DJ Just recently did a photoshoot with my buddy, Marcello Delcaro aka Peak Essau. He is also one half of Donatello, a Producer/DJ Duo. 

Be sure to check out his work at these links;

Peak Essau Facebook Page -

Donatello Productions Facebook Page -

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Northern Lights: East of Clive, AB - April 11, 2015 Headed out with my good friend Kurt David to help him shoot his first Northern Lights. It was an amazing light show. One of the brightest I have seen in awhile. After driving looking for a location, we finally found this location by a small pond. It is always a challenge trying to find new foreground elements for the Northern Lights.

The lights started out faint but quickly ramped up as the night progressed. It went all the way across the sky. It looked like a big fat green rainbow. We were able to shoot the green glow over the pond and since the lights wrapped the sky, we were also able to shoot behind us for a different background. 

Mesmerized by the beautiful Auroras, we ended up staying out pretty late. It's amazing how fast time flew. I was very happy to be able to have Kurt witness the lights at this intensity for his first time. Needless to say he was hooked, lol. 

Check out Kurt's Facebook Page at

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Full Moon - April 4, 2015 So I managed to stay up but sadly the Lunar Eclipse was hidden behind the clouds. I knew it was far fetched to have the clouds cooperate twice in a row, Lol. But it's ok because I didn't leave empty handed.

I was able to get a shot of the full moon. So simple but still full of wonder. Trying to take the time to just see the beauty in everything around us. With so much technology these days we are forgetting to look up once in awhile.

Even without storms there is still an infinite amount of reasons to keep our eyes to the sky.

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2015 Cochrane Rally Event - March 15, 2015 On March 15, 2015, I was invited to my first ever car rally event by my friend Kristofer Schofield. I have always been a fan of rally racing as I watched WRC on TV and even played rally video games. There is just something about cars driving fast through narrow roads, close to edges without barriers, and catching wicked air on ramps with mud and dirt flying everywhere. But I had never experienced it in real life until now. 

I think I may have found my new favourite thing to shoot. You only get to see a certain section of the track at a time. But I found it just as exciting as the gaps between cars wasn't too long at all. On the second leg my adrenaline kicked in as a rally car crashed close to where I was standing. It was definitely a rush. Realized quickly that I need to be careful where I stand. Kristofer reminded me of that on one of the later legs as I would have been standing right where a car ended up rolling through. He definitely knows his stuff and I am thankful for that. 

I am definitely hooked and look forward to the next event that I am able to attend. Here are my shots from the 2015 Cochrane Rally Event. Enjoy!

***Disclaimer - Photos are not to be used without permission. Please do NOT crop out watermarks. Low Res, High Res digital copies and prints are available for purchase upon request. Thank you. 

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Video - Northern Lights: East of Gull Lake, AB - March 18, 2015 What a crazy week it has been for Aurora activity! I was lucky enough to be able to head out for a few nights and witness this amazing solar storm, of course at the expense of sleep, lol. But it was so worth it! I was also interviewed by Terri Trembath of CBC in regards to the St. Patrick's Day Aurora (You can check it out through this link at about 12:00 in --> I know that there are a lot of photos being posted right now. So here is a time-lapse I shot on March 18th, 2015. Enjoy! :D

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Northern Lights: South of Bentley, AB - March 17, 2015 Happy St. Patrick's Day and what better way to see green than in the sky in the form of Northern Lights. I was just in awe of how beautiful they were tonight. I've never seen the reds so visible down here. So glad that I decided to head out regardless of the fact that I have to work in the morning. It's currently 4:11am and of course I had to edit some shots when I got home, which means very little sleep for work tomorrow. But hey it was worth it! 

I took these shots about 3.5 km south of Bentley. I usually go East for my shots, but I decided to head west this time. Hoping for more action this week. Enjoy these shots for now. :)

PS: Thanks to all those who have shared and liked my previous northern lights photos. I REALLY appreciate it!!

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Northern Lights: East of Joffre, AB - Feb 24, 2015 Headed East of Joffre, AB to shoot some Northern Lights. I will never get tired of seeing them dance in the sky. I had an early start tonight thanks to some fellow Aurora Chasers. I started out in Clive, AB but wasn't too thrilled with my location. With the clouds rolling in and the lights fading a little bit I started to make my way back to Red Deer, AB. As I was driving I looked over and saw the lights much brighter and the clouds had dissipated, so I quickly searched for a place to park. These are a couple of the shots I took. :)

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Downtown Edmonton - Jan 29, 2015 I was in Edmonton, AB working for a couple of weeks and thought I would contact my friend Jeff Wallace to take some photos. I have always been amazed at Jeff's eye for great photos, especially his landscape photos. We started off the evening by parking downtown and then just walking around to see what we can find for photo subjects. It's amazing what you can find when you just take the time to look at stuff from a different perspective. 

A couple of behind the scene shots of Jeff Wallace in action :)

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Wide Angle Kitty Meet Saitin (pronounced satan, lol). Whenever I buy new photography equipment, she becomes my model. And today is no different as I have just received my new Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens. I have to say that I am quite impressed with this lens. Very sharp even wide open. The only drawback, which isn't even a real drawback to me, is that it's a full manual focus lens. I bought it as I was missing a super wide glass for my new full frame DSLR, the D750. I can't wait to test it out on some landscapes and night photography :)

- Ronnie

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Northern Lights: Bonnyville, AB - Jan 11, 2015 Northern Lights

East of Bonnyville, AB

Facing North

Taken Jan 11, 2015 - 2-2:30am

Been in Bonnyville, AB for the last few days for work. Was working past midnight and saw some green in the sky on the way to the hotel. So I grabbed my equipment and headed out to find a place to shoot. The moon was out in full force so there was quite a bit of ambient light. These are my favourite shots of the night. :)


- Ronnie


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