Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1981. Ronnie Rabena has had an eye for art and design since he was very young. In 1988, Ronnie's family made the move to Red Deer, Alberta where he currently resides.

Using a variety of mediums such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, oil paints, and more, Ronnie is able to replicate the intricate details of nature. He took art classes throughout all of his school years and enjoyed them thoroughly.

As DSLR Cameras have become more affordable in the recent years, Ronnie made a decision to purchase his very first DSLR Camera. His self motivation, determination and willingness to learn prompted him to buy his equipment instead of going to school.

Ronnie spent a couple of years trying to figure out the capabilities of his photographic device and trying to fine tune his digital imaging skills. Combining his natural artistic skills with a new found skill, Ronnie has taken his photography and art to a whole new level. He is now ready to pave his own path into this exciting world of photography.

Ronnie currently runs a multimedia company called Hyper Ignition Studios that specializes in Photography, Video and Audio. Check out the website at